Feb 04 2013

Why you may want a companion web site for your You Tube channel

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By Easy, staff writer and founder
February 4th, 2013

Recently I created this web site as a companion site for my You Tube channel. Did I think I needed a companion web site for my channel at the time? Nope. I just wanted one. Actually, I ran a very large web site back in the 90’s and kind of missed having a web site. Making a companion web site was just an excuse for me to put up a web site again. Other You Tube friends have web sites or blogs for their You Tube gardening channels and it kept gnawing at me since I was an old webmaster from back in the day and didn’t have one myself. Did I think it would help my You Tube channel by having a companion web site for it? Again, nope. I did hope that I might be able to get traffic to my new web site from my You Tube channel however. Who wants a web site that nobody visits right?

The hardest part for me to start the process was choosing a domain name for the web site and for my You Tube channel which also had no name. The second hardest part was choosing software to make it with and a web host to put it on. Back in the day when I had my old site, there was only one internet service provider in my area and at that stage, my web site address was just a directory on my internet service provider’s server. The internet was still new to the world and I was the only person I knew who had a computer and knew what the internet was. Al Gore hadn’t even announced that he invented it yet ūüėČ

So I made a decision on a name for my new site (and You Tube channel), software and a web hosting service and took the plunge. On day one, I played around with WordPress themes and wrote something for the main page. On day two, I started writing an article about gardening withdrawal during the winter. I also went into my You Tube account and associated my new web site to my channel. On day three I finished the article I started on day two. Just for fun, I checked to see if my site came up on a Google search and it did! Apparently Google had indexed my site on their search engine after I associated it with my You Tube channel.

Now, I don’t have a huge You Tube channel. At the time I created this website, I had 42 videos, 428,000 views and around 890 subscribers. Not a big channel by You Tube standards. Some days I would get no new subscribers. Some days I would get one or two. Other days I might even lose a subscriber. Every now and then, when I got lucky, I might see 3 to 6 new subscribers but that’s about as good as it got. My channel usually gained 45 new subscribers every thirty days on average, or 1.5 subscribers per day. Some months, during gardening season, I had been known to get 60 new subscribers. So my typical range of new subscribers was 30-60 in a 30 day period, or 1 or 2 new subscribers a day.

At the beginning of this article I stated that I didn’t think I needed a companion site for my You Tube channel. What I’ve noticed since I associated my web site to my You Tube channel has made me rethink that statement. Starting the same day I associated my web site to my You Tube channel, my daily average of new subscribers has more than doubled. Let me repeat that. It has more than doubled! Factor in that I have a gardening channel in Southern Ohio, this is January, I haven’t added any new videos in that period to cause any spikes and it becomes even more significant.

Graphic showing sudden sustained increase in daily subscriber gains beginning the day my website was associated with my You Tube Channel.

Graphic showing sudden sustained increase in daily subscriber gains beginning the day my website was associated with my You Tube Channel.

In the thirty days since I¬†associated my web site with my You Tube channel, I have gained 101 new subscribers! That’s a huge increase from the 45 average wouldn’t you say? Will this trend continue? I can’t say for sure but it’s looking good. It might be only because I have a new associated website but the trend has held for thirty days so far. I would think that if it was a temporary trend, the numbers would already be dropping off, but they haven’t. I checked various You Tube gardening channels on socialblade to see if they had similar increases as I was seeing on my channel and they did not so I am fairly confident the increases I am seeing are due to the web site association.

Right now, as of 1AM February 4th, 2013, I am showing my thirty day gain at 101. It will be a fluid number as each day’s gain will be quite fluid. I imagine it will hover between 95 and 105 if the trend continues as I suspect it will.

There are a couple of other interesting things to note about web site association. One of which is that I can now put clickable annotation links right on my You Tube videos which will take viewers to my web site. One caveat is that when a viewer clicks that link, it will pause the video (if you have the link set to open in a new window) and take the viewer to your web site. For that reason, I am putting my associated web site annotations at the end of the video to avoid  the possibility of my video not being played to the very end. Having a viewer watch a video to the end is very important to You Tube and is very good for your video ratings.

The other item I wanted to mention was the fact that after I associated my web site to my channel, You Tube said I now had a brand channel. From what I can gather, branded channels are typically for big business or advertisers and gives them additional features. I have not seen these features for my channel but I will admit that I have not really investigated it thus far. If in the future I do, I will post an article with my findings but I am not going to worry about it for now. If anyone reading this can offer information as to how it would relate to my little channel, please pass that onto me at easygrowsit@gmail.com.

So in summary, I won’t say that you will get the same subscriber increase that I did with an associated web site. If you have a brand new channel with little content or content that does not get many views, it may not work the same way. On the other hand, if you have a channel with more content that gets more views than my channel, it may result in even larger increases. One can only guess. I can only pass on what I’ve experienced. I can’t guarantee that it will work for others. Please take that into serious consideration. I just wanted to pass on this information in case this does work the same for everyone else who creates an associated web site. If you do make an associated web site and you see (or don’t see) similar results, please email me at easygrowsit@gmail.com and I will amend this article to include the additional evidence.

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