Feb 10 2013

What I do when cold and the flu starts to hit

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By Easy, staff writer and founder
February 10th, 2013

Everyone reacts differently to a cold or flu descending upon them. Some people do nothing because they have been taught that it just has to run it’s course, which is somewhat true. Some run to the doctor as soon as they get the first sniffle. Others have a whole medicine cabinet that they throw at the beasties. My personal arsenal has but two main weapons and the effectiveness of those two depends solely on when they are brought to bear in the battle of the the cold and flu as well as how much of them I take.

Although the cold and flu are not pleasant subjects, they are ones that you will not likely be interested in unless you find yourself with fully congested sinuses, uncontrollable bouts of sneezing, painful swollen glands in your neck and basically feeling like you couldn’t feel much worse unless a fully loaded dump truck backed over your severely aching body.

The reason I am writing this article right now is that I have fully congested sinuses, uncontrollable bouts of sneezing, painful swollen glands in my neck and basically feeling like I couldn’t feel much worse unless a fully loaded dump truck backed over my severely aching body.

But, you ponder, if the writer is feeling this bad, how useful is his two main weapons against the cold and flu? Obviously they can’t work very well if he’s also feeling very bad right now. As I wrote earlier, one of the two important factors is WHEN you bring those two weapons to bear. As I do 50% of the time, I waited too long to take my ounce of prevention to get my pound of cure. You know the old saying…I’ll quit procrastinating…TOMORROW! lol

So, even though it’s too late to get the full preventative effects of my two weapons against cold and flu, it does not mean that they cannot shorten or lessen the bout of said affliction. They can and still will. I sit here writing knowing full well that if had I started my regimen when I first felt the cold/flu symptoms coming on, I would not be feeling nearly so bad right now nor would I have went through so many tissues and my nose would not be so sore. All is not lost however. I am, after the fact, bringing my arsenal to bear and it will soon have me feeling much better.

Unlike many articles on the subject of cold and flu cures, I am not going to discuss or debate the cause of said affliction. I’m not going to speculate whether the cause is bacterial or viral. I’m not a doctor and I don’t really care what causes it. I only care what the cure is. Nothing will stop a cold or flu dead in it’s tracks. It just won’t. There is no cure for the common cold, plain and simple. If there was, it wouldn’t be so common now would it?

So, without further ado, let’s get to the point of this article, my cold and flu arsenal. The two items that I know and trust to get me through the worst of cold and flu times. Drum roll please….

Vitamin C and MSM.

Part 1: Vitamin C you say? Yes, vitamin C. You might be saying, I eat lots of citrus so no problems there. Not quite my friend. You’d have to eat bags of oranges to get the vitamin C content I’m talking about. So much in fact that you’d hate the sight of an orange forever more even if you loved them before. We’re talking grams of vitamin C here. Bags and bags worth of oranges.

The good part is that this is a cheap cure. Much cheaper than anything that your doctor might prescribe and much cheaper than the cost of their office visit by far. Chances are, your doctor might say that it just has to run it’s course, but of course, they are partially wrong. How can I say this and be so sure? Years of experience. While they have been practicing medicine, I have been reading and experimenting.

You see, doctors belong to an organization called the AMA. The American Medical Association. Does that sound like a good thing? Sure is, if you’re a doctor and want to make more money. The AMA is a union for doctors. It’s a union for rich people and it’s a union for millionaires. Nothing more. Why do these millionaires need a union? That’s a good question to ask my friend. Are unions a bad thing? Typically no. They protect worker’s rights and also help non union workers in many ways, especially in regards to pay. But doctors were always very well paid individuals and always have been so, without threat. People think they need them and they’ve never really been oppressed by big money. They are big money in fact. Do they need unions for their salary? No. Do they need the AMA to do studies to prove that common food cures don’t work so people keep going to doctors? Yes.

That’s a clue for you as well as articles like mine. If serious doses of vitamin C got you feeling better, would the AMA want you to know that? Nooooooooooo! That would take money out of the doctors’ pockets. So much for the doctors’ oaths.

So, how much vitamin C do I take? Typically two to four grams a day. That’s 2-4 1000mg tablets a day or 4-8 500mg tablets a day. When mother nature catches up to me and I get a severe cold or flu, I’ve been known to take 50 or more grams a day during a severe cold or flu.

Part 2, MSM. Methyl-sufonyl-methane. AKA Russian penicillin. It’s food grade edible sulphur, plain and simple. Not gunpowder sulphur. Not the sulphus drugs the doctors use and that I am allergic to. This is amazing stuff and I will warn you, it is not cheap. Not all MSM is made the same. You can buy the cheap stuff if you like but it’s not worth the bottle that it comes in. You can pretty much buy any vitamin C (although I prefer CVS brand 500mg or 1000mg sizes) and it will do you good. Not so much with MSM. I ONLY buy Jarrow brand. I know how its made and I know it’s effective. I’ve strayed and tried the cheap brands. Big mistake. It was a waste of money.

How much do I take for cold and flu? Grams. Four to five grams at a time every few hours when I’m sick. Two to four grams a day when I’m not, if I remember. A nasty cold or flu reminds you well, trust me.

I will be posting at least two more articles about MSM and vitamin C in the near future. It’s not just for colds and flu. They are the best health related finds I ever came across. In my opinion, they blow everything else away, hands down.

Thanks for reading! See you soon!